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So which prepaid debit card is the best?

Short answer we put the cards we feel are the best choices towards the top of our website so if you are in a hurry pick one of the first 6 cards and you will be ok. Rest assured we have done your research for you. How do we know what to look for that is simple we ran a prepaid debit card company for approximately 6 years then decided to launch this site.

If your one that wants all the facts read on.

We believe Prepaid Visa® Debit Cards, Prepaid MasterCard® Cards and Prepaid American Express® Cards are a fantastic tool to equal the playing field. With a branded prepaid debit card you get the same luxuries people with credit cards get without the risk of GETTING IN FURTHER DEBT.
Your money (prepaid deposits to your card) is insured by the FDIC on most prepaid Visa debit cards and prepaid MasterCard debit cards. Most prepaid debit cards come with Guaranteed Approval subject only to you providing information on yourself not a fictitious person.

What can you do with a branded prepaid debut card?

Most branded prepaid debit cards are Accepted Worldwide – At hotels, restaurants, gas stations, etc. Even better, use your debit card for purchases on the Internet, from catalogs, and over the telephone. Cash can’t do that.
Get Your Cash – Most Visa Prepaid and MasterCard Prepaid Debit cards are accepted at over 1.5 million ATMs worldwide.
Safer Than Cash – Yes, most Visa and MasterCard prepaid debit cards are safer than cash in many ways. Most are FDIC Insured and backed by MasterCard and Visa’s fraud protection, you’re protected from unauthorized purchases if your card is lost or stolen.

The best cards waive the Monthly Maintenance Fee each month you load $500 or more a month. Save time and money by signing up y for direct deposit.
Add Money to Your Card – Unlike a credit card, you must add money to your card account before you can begin making purchases. From direct deposit of your paycheck or benefits check to adding cash at the store, Prepaid debit cards offers more choices for your active life with its many convenient and simple ways to add money.